Sally Cotter Cast List

Sally Cotter: Soojin Park

Harmonica: Maya Bashir

Dave: Knowlton Garris

Reubenon Ryebread: Mary Margaret Buck

Professor Albatross Underdrawers: Jackson Wells

Professor Shiftia Shape: Amanda Byars

Ursa Malaise: Emma Jacoway

Lord Murderdeath/Ed Molar: Mark Middleton

The Censor: Sophia Dijulio

Dave Understudy: Jackson Wells

Beetle/Sally Cotter Understudy: Reese Colley

Beetle/Student #4/Professor Albatross Underdrawers Understudy: Lucy Taylor

Beetle/ Student #2/Lord Murderdeath and Ed Molar Understudy: JP Williams

Beetle/ Student #3/The Censor Understudy: Claire Miller

Student #6/Harmonica Understudy: Audrey Miller

Student #1/Reubenon Ryebread Understudy: Hudson Cooper

Ensemble/ Professor Shiftia Shape Understudy: Ella Cate Scott

Student #5/ Ursa Malaise Understudy: Isabella Trentacosti

Ensemble/Canadian Mountie: Olivia Lepczyk

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