September 14, 2020

A Holiday Walk in the Woods

A walking small-group tour through the piney winter woods, with lights, decorations, and songs by local talent at stations along the trail. All performances will be family-friendly and highlight the diverse traditions and culture of our community. Additionally, daytime walks will have special surprises and songs for the kids! Details about timed entries and tickets can be found at starting December 1.

The Holiday Walk in the Woods will take place at the Kreher Preserve and Nature Center on Friday, December 18th and Saturday, December 19th at 5:00 PM and on Saturday, December 19th at 10:00 AM.

Tickets will be $5 per person over the age of three to reserve a spot. The number of patrons in a group will be determined closer to the event, but probably 12-15. A full tour group for a specific time can be purchased to keep a family or social group for $70 and will have a larger capacity.

Ways to get involved in this event:

1. A performance that is holiday-themed or representative of your group’s traditions and culture. To maintain health and safety we ask for just 1-4 people, who will be able to distance from each other as they perform or belong to the same family or exposure group. Performers will not be asked to work all three shifts, but likely 1-2 times according to their preference and scheduling needs. They will need to perform their piece (3-5 min) approximately 10 times in a row with short breaks between, during a 2 hour time span. There is no electricity, so battery-operated Bluetooth speakers, acoustic accompaniment, or acapella performance is required. A dress rehearsal on Dec. 12 or 13 will allow performers to practice in their location on the trail.. Organizers will ask for titles and samples of the performance in advance in order to maintain a cohesive theme and quality as well as to be able to best arrange the order and location of each station. While all performances should be family-friendly, one performance will be daytime and some songs specifically catering to children will be needed for this. The trail is lined with string lights, and each station is a turnout on the trail with adequate space and will have a lantern on a post. Performers and their organization are encouraged to decorate their performance area, keeping in mind that it is outdoors, likely wet, and there is no electricity.

2. A tour guide assigned to a specific group of patrons. The guides walk through the trail with their group, introducing each “tour stop” with information AACT will supply about the performers, their organization, and their chosen song or piece. These guides also make sure that guests follow safety protocols and regulate the timing of groups on the trail. They will be equipped to maintain communication with organizers and each other by text, for timing, safety, and other needs. Most tour guides will only lead a group once during a shift and can work as many of the 3 shifts as their schedule allows. A sample schedule can be found below.

Additional ways to participate:
– Parking and check-in volunteers during events.
– Volunteers to set up lighting and other decorations in the week before the event.
– Supply a children’s craft kit, treat bag, or packaged special holiday snack that can be picked up at the end of the trail to take home. (Your organization may put your name and info on this item)
– Music leaders to host a carol sing-along at the end of the trail in the amphitheater if COVID safety guidelines allow this at the time of the event.
– Be a sponsor towards the cost of the event or specifically towards tickets for a group. ($100 and up includes name in publicity)
– Donate prepackaged water or hot drinks for performers and guests.