March 17, 2018


There are so many ways to be a part of AACT. Choose what fits your skills and interest and availability – we’d love to find a way for you to work with the AACT family. Check out the information below, then fill out the Volunteer Contact Form at the bottom!

We always need volunteers for ongoing work such as: fundraising, advertising, event planning, photography, script reading, and more. Ask about time commitments for these as they vary by task and season.

For each show, we need a large group of volunteers to cover the following positions: 



Stage Manager

House Manager

Publicity volunteers spend just a few extra minutes, while doing their errands, putting up posters around Auburn and Opelika. It doesn’t take that long, and it makes a big impact on attendance.  Remember, “Theatre without an audience is just a rehearsal.”  Watch for an email notice before each production that will tell you when posters are ready to go up.  AACT always needs sponsors – local businesses willing to contribute to AACT, or even sponsor a show in exchange for program ads- you never know until you ask. Would you be willing to ask?

Program (playbill) Design – we use a program that utilizes a template design, so it’s super-easy to simply plug in the information for any given show.

Set Design is a LOT of work. Designs for a set must be able to be built in a day. This job may be best suited for those who have been in a show to fully understand these requirements.

Set Build Day – If you have only one day, this may be your day!  Just a couple of days are devoted to building, painting, and decorating the set. And the last afternoon of each show is devoted to taking it down!  Any skill level is welcome. We’ll find a place for you. And you get many, many “Hero Points”  for this job!

Costuming involves shopping the thrift stores or yard sales, altering these items to fit a historical period. Occasionally, costuming requires sewing from a pattern, but not usually. Any skill level is appreciated, but the volunteer willing to collaborate- from costume concept to performance- is dear to our hearts. Leadership and decision making is always needed in this area.

Dressers! Volunteers are almost always needed backstage to assist the actors with their quick costume changes. This is where the excitement is! Well… that didn’t sound right. (Modesty remains in-tact, but it does get in a hurry.)

Hair and Makeup 

Props are bought, borrowed, and created. Anything described in the script must be represented within the style of the play. Props also include special effects, such as ringing telephones or doorbells. A props master is the one who organizes and sets out the props before and during each performance. You may find or make props, or you may prefer to be part of the backstage excitement.  Come on, you know you were going to that yard sale, anyway! Shop and volunteer at the same time!

Light, Sound & Spotlight Operators are vital to the performances. The commitments may be a few evenings, or a few weeks. No previous experience is necessary-AACT will provide the training, and the light booth may be the best seat in the house!

Box Office

Hostesses and Ushers.   If your free time is minimal, this may be the AACT-ivity for you!  Come to one performance, or more. Help before the show, and at intermission with seating and refreshments. So easy, and so appreciated! If you are not in the current show, it’s a great time to talk up the next one!

Ready to help out? Fill out our Volunteer Contact Form!