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Eagle Scout Project

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Hello all,

I am pleased to share this special project with you. Feel free to send it on, and share it with friends and family!!
– Melanie Brown
Nick DiJulio is a Boy Scout with Troop 371 and has been involved in the community theatre and local performance for many years. To showcase this, Nick had prepared a stage play event he had hoped to open up to the community as his Eagle Scout project. Unfortunately, with the major setback that the COVID-19 pandemic had on all group gatherings and events, he was unable to continue the project.
Instead, he chose to abandon the original idea and devote his time to planning and creating a video series made specifically for kids to watch from home over quarantine. The show itself is a series of short youtube videos, each with a specific topic you might learn about in school, presented by Nick in a tie and jacket from behind his desk, the talk show he always wanted as a kid and never had.
The videos cover all sorts of crazy things, like the world’s longest escalator, or building a waterpark for snails. Nick hopes that the videos will help everyone learn a few things, have some laughs, and shake some sillies out while we all try to stay safe at home. Any likes or subscriptions that you feel inclined to give help him track how far the project’s audience has reached. Many thanks!

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