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Callbacks for High School Musical Jr.

Thank you all so much for auditioning!! There was so much talent to choose from that choosing callbacks was a difficult decision. Please remember that there are so many factors that go into this decision; some things, like the number of people of a certain age, or the types of roles in this particular show, are absolutely out of your control, regardless of how wonderful and talented you are! You should all be so proud of yourselves for showing up and auditioning, and I dearly hope every single one of you will audition for more AACT shows in the future. You are incredible!!!

We can’t wait to see the following tomorrow, December 12th, at 4:00 at the Jan Dempsey Community Arts Center:

1. Wilson Reeves
2. Jackson Wells
3. Kaden Doss
4. Mia Rogers
5. Kate Bell
6. Mirium Viars
7. Mary Margret Buck
8. Sadie Lynn Sawyer
9. JP Williams
10. Reese Leavins
11. Isabella Trentacosti
12. Riley Nelson
13. Riley Grahm
14. Maya Bashir
15. Leah Lethander
16. Ben McNultey
17. Rebekah Taylor
18. Bette Gibson
19. Serena Orantes
20. Lily Senn
21. Knowl Garris
22. Carrington Allen
23. Alyanna Wilder
24. Martha Marchio
25. Olivia Lpczyk
26. Emma Jacoway
27. Jason
28. Grace Agerton
29. Diamond Heard
30. Jacey Coffman
31. Anna Omilian
32. Maya Edwards

If you have questions about callbacks, please contact director, Bailey Murphy

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