Cast List for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Jr.

Thank you so very much to everyone who auditioned! We have already said this, but NEVER have we had so many talented and well-prepared actors before. Some very tough decisions had to be made. For those of you we did not cast, please remember what we talked about. We had to cast who seemed to fit each role best.

You are creative, talented, and valuable and most of all, WE NEED you to keep being involved in theater.

The first mandatory rehearsal is this Monday, August 19th from 4:00-6:00 at the Jan Dempsey Art Center.
There is a mandatory parent meeting at 5:30 that day as well.

You MUST email to accept or decline your role.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.
Characters (In order of appearance)

Jeremy Potts – Jack Mason

Jemima Potts – Audrey Edwards

“Chitty”*- Abby Bubb, Kylie Hill, Maggie Bennett, Mercy Grace Creel, Ollie Womack

Caractacus Potts – Sam Washburn

Mr. Coggins* – Jordan Gomberg

Junkman/Chef* – Katie Forrest

Truly Scrumptious – Lydia Kling

Grandpa – Dalton Ruth Bendinger

Miss Phillips* – Gracie Mason

Lord Scrupmtious* – Josiah Rodriguez

Baron – Harrison Lyda

Baroness – Madyson Peterson

Boris – Isabel Lepczyk

Goran – Kaden McIntyre

Dance Team* – Charlotte Mason, Lydia Jordan, Madeline Mersino, Mia Korr, Oceana Goff, Presley Palmer

Fair Announcer * – Harrison Waits

Violet/Chef* – Nyla Hoult

Sid* – Wyatt Saylor

Turkey Farmer* – Bronx Duval

Soldiers – Finn Carter, Hudson Cooper

Toymaker/Chef * – Parrish Webster

Child Catcher* – Rhema Creel

Toby* – Josiah Mason

Marta* – Libby Schrimsher

Greta* – Eva Mason

Hidden Children Ensemble* – Evelyn Miller, Jonah Rodriguez,  Luna Goff, Micah Rodriguez, Scarlett Hill, Tupper Colley, Wylder Hill


 *These characters will also fill ensemble roles

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