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Cast List for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

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From The Director

Hello All!

I would like to thank each and every one of you so much for the commitment and talent that you brought to call backs and auditions. It was really hard to cut 68 kids down to 20, but it had to be done. So please know, if you were not cast in this production, PLEASE keep trying. Each and everyone of you has a place in this community! Thank you to all the parents for driving your kids all the way to call backs, I really appreciate you, and so do your children (as an actor I know!)

Also, a note from Bailey: “I just want to reiterate what a difficult choice this was for Cameron and I. I wish we could do the show 6 times with every one of you. PLEASE continue to pursue theatre in the future. But also remember that how you are cast does not define you. You are worth infinitely more than any cast list. As Aslan says in the novel ‘Don’t doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.’”

I am really looking forward to this cast, we have a great cast built of wonderful talent, I am excited to see how you are going to bring the world of Narnia to life!

Our first rehearsal will be at the Jan Dempsey Art Center Monday December 17th at 4! Please make sure to bring a highlighter and a pencil.

Rehearsals will resume Wednesday, January 2nd. The Mandatory Parent Meeting will also be on January 2 from 5:15 – 6:00.

PLEASE EMAIL Cameron Carmello at in order to accept your role by Sunday at noon!

Lily Senn

Knowl Garris

Nick DiJulio

Hannah Smith

White Witch:
Soojin Park

Mark Middleton

Mr. Tumnus:
Jackson Wells

Mr. Beaver:
Wilson Reeves

Mrs. Beaver:
Rebekah Taylor

Claire Miller

Liam Gibbons

Olive Flaherty

Audrey Miller

Father Christmas/Wolf 1:
Sean McDonald

Elf/Wolf 2:
Emma Jocaway

White Stag/Wolf 3:
Rhema Creel

Winter Nymph:
Olivia Wilbanks

Fall Nymph:
Lindsay Evermon

Spring Nymph:
Grace Agerton

Summer Nymph:
Avery Carmello

Thank You,
Cameron Carmello
and Bailey Murphy

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