To Kill a Mockingbird Cast List

From The Director

First and foremost, this was probably the best audition process I have been a part of. This show means a lot to me and for everyone to come out and audition and also spread the word about auditions showed me how awesome our community is.Thank you to everyone that has helped me through this process and for participating in it with me. Everyone that auditioned did a fantastic job which made this decision a lot harder for multiple reasons. You all brought something different to each of these characters and gave me a multitude of ways to think about and approach this play, which I appreciate more than anything. I would be honored to work with all of you and I defintely hope I will in some capacity in the future. If you are cast, please email/call/text me accepting your role. We will begin the rehearsal process on Sept. 4th, the day after Labor Day at 6pm at Jan Dempsey.
Scout: Drew Durkin
Jem: Knowl Garris
Dill: Jackson Wells
Jean Louise: Crystal Harris
Atticus: Chad Kendrick
Calpurnia: Ella Holmes
Maudie Atkinson: Laura Braswell
Stephanie Crawford: Carter deShazo
Mrs. Dubose: Dabney Chapman
Nathan/Arthur Radley: Nick DiJulio
Heck Tate: Jason Amling
Mayella Ewell: Olive Flaherty
Bob Ewell: Eric Scotch
Walter Cunningham: Garrett Bell
Mr. Gilmer: Steve Thomas
Reverend Sykes: Kwinton Thompkins
Tom Robinson: Kelyn McIntyre
Helen Robinson: Keanna Heard
Again thank you for coming out to auditions, and congratulations to those that were cast. If you were not cast and have an interest in possibly being in an ensemble role, please contact me and let me know.

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