Cast List for Flat Stanley

Cast List for
The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley

We want to thank everyone who auditioned. We were wowed with the amount of talent that we saw!!!  It was very difficult to make these decisions. We were so impressed with you all! If you did not get cast, please remember that you ARE WONDERFUL! Like we told you, we simply needed to cast who fit best in the role. We hope that you will continue to explore acting. No actor gets cast in every role they audition for. We will be offering classes for all age groups this fall if you want to make sure that you are involved with theater in some way. All of the details are in the Auburn City Parks and Recreation Brochure.

The first Full Cast rehearsals are Monday & Wednesday, August 20th & 21st from 4:00-6:00 p.m.
at the Jan Dempsey Community Art Center.

 The Parent Meeting is Wednesday, August 21st from 5:15-6:00.

Please RSVP  to Sadie Lynne Sawyer at

Cast List

Stanley – Jordan Gomberg
Arthur – Campbell Thomas
Mr. Lambchop – Jay Collins
Mrs. Lambchop – Gracie Mason
Mrs. Cartero – Mia Rogers
Caleb/Ensemble – Dalton Bendinger
Jackson/Ensemble – Kylie Hill
Jacob/Ensemble – Audrey Edwards
Cousin Sophie/Ensemble – Audrey Miller
Bulletin Board/Ensemble – Sophia DiJulio
Doctor Dan/Ensemble – Sam Washburn
Nurse Betty/Ensemble –Isabel Lepczyk
King of the Cool Kids/Ensemble – Eva Mason
Cool Kids 2 & 3/Ensemble – Tupper Colley, Finn Carter
Extra Cool Kids/Ensemble – Nora Spell, Abby Bubb
Birds/Ensemble – Maggie Bennett, Charlotte Mason, Mia Kor
Hollywood Agent/Ensemble – Madyson Peterson
Hollywood Assistants 1&2/Ensemble – Ollie Womack, Emerson Daniels
Samantha/Ensemble – Reese Colley
O.Jay D’Art – Olivia Lepczy
Mona Lisa – Alice  Maple
Napoleon – Sam Edwards
Sneak Thief – Rhema Creel
Herb Wavecrest/Ensemble – Nora Gibbons
Kiki/Ensembl – Ansley Rezek
Assistant Director/Ensemble – Kaden McIntyre
Bikini Wahini/Ensemble – Izzy Kelly
Go-Go Dancers/Ensemble – Madeline Grace Mersino, Grace Agerton, Fiona Gibbons
Ensemble – Evelyn Miller, Bricelyn Simpson

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