To Kill a Mockingbird Young Performers Cast List

Young Performers Cast

I want to thank all the amazing young actors that came to auditions and callbacks, you all were wonderful. You put it all on the line and really embodied the personalities of these characters, all in a beautifully different way. I also want to thank the parents for allowing these young actors to audition. You all allowed them to think about, discuss, and portray tough topics and ideas surrounding a multitude of societal problems. That, to me, is a courageous thing to do. I thank you immensely. This decision was really tough, and know that if you weren’t cast it is no way a reflection of your abilities. I honestly would be lucky to have any one of you in this show. I hope that you all continue to push the limits, continue being vulerable, and allow yourselves room to grow. You all are amazing. And also remember “never to kill a mockingbird!”

Scout: Drew Durkin
Jem: Knowl Garris
Dill: Jackson Wells
We will begin rehearsals on Sept 4th! Thanks again for everything!

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