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Call Back List

First of all, thanks to everyone that came to audition the past couple of days. As a director, it can be some of the greatest moments of the process. I really appreciate your courage, vulnerability, excitement, and overall enthusiasm. Some quick things to note:

  • If you did not receive a call back it DOES NOT mean that you will not be cast.
  • If you know someone that wanted to audition and didn’t have the chance, I will be at the Jan Dempsey at 5 o’clock Thursday August 9th. for anyone that wants to audition.
  • Children’s roles will be cast this week and they will be notified. The complete cast list for all other roles  may not be available until August 27th. We will notify you as soon as possible.
  • Rehearsals will begin on September 4th.
  • Be early (~10min) to your call so that you may pick up and go over your scenes.
  • IF you are unwilling to dye your hair, you must let me know during or before your call back.
  • Callbacks will begin at 6, with a 15 min grace period for the first group of actors called to get comfortable with their scenes.

Scout             6:15-6:45

Drew Durkin

Reese Colley

Madeline Singleton

Rhema Creel

Emma Ramsey

Dill              6:15-6:45

Jackson Wells

Cash Kelley

Jem            6:15-6:45

Knowl Garris

Parker Mitchell

Holden Hill

Mayella Ewell         6:50-7:15

Amanda Byars

Emily Rezek

Alexia Van Slyke

Isabella Trentacosti

Olivia Flaherty

Heck Tate          7:20-7:35

Joe Wilkinson

Jason Amling

Garrett Bell

Maudie Atkinson    7:40-8:00

Laura Braswell

Carter deShazo

Dabney Chapman

Jean Louise       8:05-8:40                  

Addison Peacock

Carson Barnes

Crystal Harris

Olive Flaherty

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