August 23, 2019

The Little Prince

Inspired by Saint-Exupéry’s own experience being stranded in the Sahara after
surviving a plane crash, this family-friendly tale for all ages tells the story of a
world-weary and disenchanted Aviator.

The Aviator’s sputtering plane strands him in the Sahara Desert when a
mysterious, regal “little man” appears and asks him to draw him a sheep.
The Aviator obliges and the two travel the desert together.

During their time together, the Little Prince tells the Aviator about his adventures
through the galaxy, how he met the Lamplighter and the Businessman and the
Geographer, and about his strained relationship with a very special flower on
his own tiny planet. The Little Prince also talks to everyone he
meets: a garden of roses, the Snake, and a Fox.

From each interaction he gains a unique insight which he shares with
the Aviator. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” Eventually, both
the “little man” and the Aviator must go home – each with a new understanding
of how to laugh, cry, and love. Join in on this imaginative multi-media adventure!.

For more information, contact director Steve Bice at

Help us bring the show to life – sign up to volunteer

November 7 – 9, 14-15 at 7 pm

November 10 and 17 at 2 pm


Tickets are $12/person
$10/students and seniors

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to audition.
We’re looking forward to a fabulous show!

Aviator:Tatiana Eaves
Little Prince: Olivia Flaherty
Rose: Siarah Chapman
Fox:Jaylan Reynolds
Snake: Jessica Light
King: Alysa Richard’s
Conceited Man: Laura Kloberg
Business Man: Isabella Trentacosti
Lamplighter: Sophia DiJulio
Geographer: Susan Durham
Assistant: Jackson Wells
Assistant: Knowlton Garris


Interested in an off-stage production or tech position?
Email Steve Bice

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 6-8 pm

September 17 – November 6

**not all actors will be required for every rehearsal**

Tech/Dress Rehearsals November 4-6, 5-9 pm

Build Day November 2, 3