May 1, 2021

End Days

Sixteen-year-old Rachel Stein is having a bad year. Her father hasn’t changed out of his pajamas since 9/11. Her mother hands out pamphlets about the end of the world. Her new neighbor, a sixteen-year-old Elvis impersonator, has fallen for her hard. And, by the way, the Apocalypse is coming on Wednesday.

Rachel’s only hope is that Stephen Hawking will save them all. Both poignantly redemptive and often hilariously funny, End Days shows a quirky dysfunctional family coming together under unexpected circumstances.

“End Days begs the question of what we would hold most sacred if we knew the end was near.”– Huffington Post.

Director’s Notes: End Days is not a typical choice for AACT. I love it because it is a sweet story of healing, of a dysfunctional family coming back together. But it is also a somewhat irreverent, somewhat dark comedy about the choices we make in response to a traumatic event. It is a redemption story that is a little bit shocking at times. There is some language, a brief moment of marijuana use, and personal beliefs are challenged.

As theatre-makers, we search for the things that unite us. While this script is not for everyone, the emotions are universal. End Days – for all its quirks – is a family’s love story, reminding us to listen to each other and hold each other close.

Recommended audience age: 13+

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