July 30, 2018

Board Members and Volunteers

Board Members

President / Executive Director
Terry Kelley

Vice President / Volunteer Coordinator Ashley Hansana

Artistic Director
Andrea Holliday

Associate Artistic Director 
Steve Bice

Education Director
Melanie Brown

Martha Williams

Tim Alroth

Assistant to the Directors
Cora Connelly

Fundraising Chair 
Cindy Davino

Annual Volunteers

Newspaper Liaison
Susan DeJulio

Library Liaison
Alison Galbraith

Online Publicity Manager
Carter DeShazo

Website Manager
Harmon Herring

Newsletter Manager
Karen Herring

Social Media Manager
Malcolm Webster

Donor Relations Coordinator
Martha Williams

Ticketing Manager
Terry Kelley

Members at Large


Chris Alonzo

David Carter

Carter DeShazo

Cheryl Jackson

Jackie Mize



Volunteers Still Needed


Marketing Manager

Playbill Creator

Community Visibility

Poster Coordinator

Educational/School Liaison

Set Designer/Construction Lead for
The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

Set Designer/Construction Lead for
The Last Round-Up of The Guacamole Queens