Gift Certificates

Gift Giving got you down? The shoulders tense up. The list is beside the computer and the days are counting down. What if I can’t find what they want? How do I make sure I give the same value to each one? What if it doesn’t get here in time? And then there’s the post-Christmas
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The Jungle Book Cast List

The Jungle Book Cast List   Jungle People-Narrators Birchi- Alyanna Wilder Mao- Brooke Fligel Ferao – Courtney Thomas Mang – Rhema Creel Tabaqui- Reese Colley Mysa – Olivia Lepezyk Bagheera – Jackson Wells Baloo – Knowl Garris Shere Khan – Samuel Ratliff Mowgli – Young Mowgli- Saori Blackmon     Older Mowgli – Jonathon Hinton Wolves Akela
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exists to provide an opportunity for education and participation in the world of theatre, and to present a quality, entertaining and thought-provoking theatre experience. NEW! Membership Join our theatre family all year long by becoming a member and receiving a special Tshirt. $15 Donors Help us accomplish even more by making a donation and have
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